Dear Men, We Need You.

Siba's Selah

Allow me to tell you a personal story from my childhood.

My Dad used to work for the Transkei government in Mthatha during the apartheid regime. When the homeland of Transkei became part of South Africa post-1994, the Transkei government department underwent restructuring. At this point, my father was the deputy director. My dad was given the option either to relocate to Pretoria to take up a new political role; or opt for early retirement. He chose the latter. So from around 1996, Mama was the one who went to work every morning whilst dad looked after us.

PHOTO-2020-04-18-14-37-26 Mom, Dad and one of my sisters back in the 90’s.

A few years later, Mama was offered an opportunity which required relocating to another town. She would only come home on weekends. Taking the offer made economic sense: it would ease the financial burden and allow my parents to support their…

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Gender based violence must fall

At the heart of most GBV cases is the deafening silence of those who are close by. I believe that what we are witnessing now is not a habit that is newly found. GBV was previously named domestic abuse, we even had "16 days" dedicated to it. This is nothing new, but the fact that … Continue reading Gender based violence must fall