Does God make mistakes?

I am not a perfect human being and that goes for everyone reading this article. Every human being, including you, my sophisticated reader, has an inferiority complex. And most of us living on earth (just in case I have extraterrestrial readers) subscribe to a certain religion, and in that particular religion, we believe that the God we believe in is sovereign and does not make mistakes. I too, am one such believer. However I have a chip on my shoulder, I have a crooked smile. I have misaligned teeth. For as long as I could I remember, my teeth were my biggest obstacle in me being fully myself. That doesn’t mean that I’ve been withdrawn all of my life because of my teeth. On the contrary I’ve done as much as I can with my life. I was on the debate team in middle school, I was one of the top performers in high school albeit in a small pond, and I also was in a couple of leadership positions in high school and varsity. I am currently striving for leadership position in my current employment but I still consider my teeth to be one of the biggest flaws I have. To be honest my teeth are not really that bad. To paint a picture for you my sophisticated reader, I have two teeth that are out of position. One of my upper incisors is positioned slightly forward compared to the other ones and one of the bottom incisors decided to grow behind the other bottom incisors. It is nothing that an orthodontist can’t fix. I’ve been meaning to get braces but I haven’t really got to it but I will eventually get to it because it affects my self-esteem. I am of the opinion that God doesn’t make mistakes and that I was created in the full image and likeness of God. If I am created in the image and likeness of God, God whom I believe is perfect and doesn’t have flaws, it means His image and likeness should also be flawless. If that is the case, then why do I see a problem with me? Why am I not a fan of how my teeth are arranged? How can I believe that God is perfect and that I was created in His image, and yet find fault in “His image and likeness”? That essentially means that I have found fault in His creation. To the staunch believer, this is sacrilegious. After all, the common dogma is that God is perfect and He does not make mistakes, and that supposedly goes for all His creation.  If He does not make mistakes, then why do I find fault with how I was created? I know my highly religious readers will be quick to say that “it is because of our sinful nature”, but I implore you to think again. I am not, in the least bit answering yes to what the tittle of article asks, but I am merely saying that we should really reflect on wh weo believe God is. More often than not, we just take things as they are handed down to us without really critically thinking about what the implications thereof are. As my sophisticated reader, I am implore you, to think about your BS (belief system). Is it as is because you never questioned it and took as it was handed down to you, or you have put it to test and hence gained conviction in it? Whichever case, you should have an answer to the question. The difference will be conviction!

Long Live Love!

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