Lerato L.O.V.E – an extract

All individuals regardless of religious background, race or ethnicity, are spiritual. This can be seen in their actions of love and affection. Love is intangible and cannot be seen on its own but is reflected and expressed through actions. How an individual expresses love is subject to the individual’s values, beliefs and indoctrinations. Some would argue that how we express love was handed down to us by our parents and impressed upon us by society. Take an extreme case where a child grows in a home being subjected to violence and witnessing the father domestically abusing the mother, this child will likely develop a belief that love is expressed through abuse and that violence is a solution. This child will grow up to either be on the receiving or giving end of domestic abuse. If no intervention takes place, this will likely continue for many generations after the child. And as fate would have it: the succeeding generation tends to exaggerate the flaws of the preceding one, thus out of this child will come love in the form of violence…maybe extreme violence. 

The yearning for better circumstances, and the desire to live in peace and harmony will also be there for the ride to accompany the child throughout the journey of life. This yearning is often referred to as the “still small voice inside of us”. This still small voice inside of us is the Soul seeking a better spiritual experience. In as much as there will be perpetual violence within the family for generations, just as the one or two potatoes survive the rotten bag, at some point someone in the family will give the yearning for better circumstance a chance to fully manifest and give rise to a new way, new definition, new perspective of what love is and how it is expressed. Time and chance happen to all. This new view will override the previously distorted view of love. The yearning and whispers from the “still small voice” shows that even though indoctrinations maybe at play, our Souls are always after the purest form of love, with no distortions and filters. Love is a spiritual affair.

“Love is patient, kind, does not envy or boast, is not arrogant or rude. It does not impose its way, is not irritable or resentful. It rejoices in the truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all thing, and endures all things”- Apostle Paul. This is a close to an objective definition of love I could get. The expression of love however is something different. Even though Apostle Paul gives a guide on how to express love, reality couldn’t be any further from this. How we express love is very subjective. This subjectivity is what has us at loggerheads and prevents us from expressing and experiencing love in its purest form. This is largely because what Apostle Paul proposes involves hard work and deliberate ignorance of pride and ego: Two things which are impediments to genuine spiritual experiences. For the road that leads to life is narrow and thorny. Our generation is one of instants. We want things now and without effort.

Closely related to love, and more often than not confused for love, is sex. Back in the day there were times when people used “take their relationships with each other to next level” because simply saying “I love you” was not enough. Sex, like love, is a spiritual affair. In fact I would argue that this sex-craze generation of ours is as it is due to the constant yearning of a spiritual experience that does not come with an “operator’s manual” but one which is instant ,“microwave for x amount of time, give it a few strokes here and there, and you’re good to go”. The vulnerability that comes with an orgasm makes a case for itself. It is addictive, very pleasant, and cannot be replicated in any other way. It has been said that sex is the highest form worship that involves souls “entangling” with one another, hence why most religion vehemently discourage fornication.

This is an extract from a piece I wrote titled ” I think we are all spiritual”

Long Live Love

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