Chipping away at it one piece & one swing at a time

Two months have passed since the turning of the new year. It seems like 2021 is just blazing through. I was having a conversation with friend about the rate at which this year seems to be moving at, and we both agreed that this year is moving at a significantly faster pace than 2020,and if we are not careful, it’s going to pass by without us having being productive at all. This perceived faster pace could be attributed to the fact that we have found a way to coexist with COVID-19, thereby finding a way to restore some sort of normality. People are back at work and most of hustle and bustle has resumed. That scent of despair that filled the atmosphere just 12 months ago seems to have disappeared, but like spoiled food left too long in the room, there is still some smallanyana stench left behind.

The good news is that with a gradual return to normality means that we are now able to follow up on most plans that we set for ourselves. The new year brought with it that same old “new year, new me” resolutions that we are all too familiar with. It is now March, and based on my experience, the train should be needing more coal and water now to replenish the steam.

I started the new year like a house on fire: made a resolution to, at the very least, be consistent this year. I promised to, at least, post one blog post a month and keep my promises to myself amongst other things. I posted 2 blog posts in January and was consistent enough to count January as success. February rolled by and the momentum from January continued until the middle of the month: for the most part I was consistent in February but failed to make a blog post, not because there was no content to write about but because old habits were creeping back in and beginning to stifle the train out of steam.

So changing circumstances calls for a change in behavior. I think it was Charles Darwin who said that “it is not the strong, nor the smartest who will survive but those that can respond to change”. So as the title suggest, one way of responding to change is to chip away at the block: one piece at time, one swing of the axe at a time, adapting to change as often as circumstances dictate.

Ecc 10:10

As we approach the end of the first quarter, it is worth taking the time to check if the car needs oil and brake pads changes, and tyres reinflated in order to continue moving forward. K. Mojanaga puts it more eloquently: “how do you build a wall” , he would ask, “by laying one brick at time and keeping your head down, but here’s the kicker, each brick must be laid down to near perfection and by the time you look up, you would have a strong sturdy wall” (maybe Trump should have hired him as one his advisors in his efforts to build “the wall”).

It is the little efforts, the little wins that lead up to big wins. Yes, every now and then we might forget why we are doing what set out to do in the first place, that’s okay, afterall familiarity breeds comfort, but it is worth keeping in mind that comfort is the enemy to progress. Unlike the frog that supposedly raised its body temperature to match the rising temperature of the water in the pot, human beings are capable of seing a rut when it comes. The only problem is that too often we choose to stay in the rut. If we allow our old destructive habits to come back in and sweep them under the rug, eventually we are going to trip over them like we have so many times before.

How do you eat a whole elephant? One bite at time. How do you cut down the giant sequoia tree? By chipping away at it, one piece at the time, one swing of the axe at a time, and remembering to sharpen the axe as circumstances change.

How about you? Are still on course with the goals you set out this year, have you ran out steam and have made a pitstop to refuel or have you chosen to get off the “new year, new me” train and decided that it is not worth it and just peer pressure?

Long Live Love!

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