To whom it may concern

I often feel the need to post how grateful I am to have the circle of friends I have. I feel tempted to join the socia media frenzy and name drop and tag the friends whose support I cherish. However I’ve always been cautious of how much of my personal life I make public. I firmly believe that words are meaningless unless backed up by actions. I can tell my wife that I love her more than my mother but it means absolutely nothing if I constantly pick everyone else over her. Yes it gives people warm fuzzy feelings when they get a shout out, but shout outs are not what bring us out of deep messy situations when we are at our lowest, actions do. I am not saying we must not tell our loved ones how much we appreciate them, I am merely saying we should show them more than we say it. Words tend to be like bubble gum at times, they loose their sweetness after a couple of chews.

Now to the matter at hand, to my friends and family, you know yourselves so there’s no need to name drop, I appreciate you and feel very fortunate to have you in my life. I thank God everyday for people like you who show me why it will work, who show me the pitfalls to look out for, people like you who influence me to “put my best foot forward and let the chips fall where they may”. People like you who without realizing it push me to strive for more by just being you. Who allow me to be messy and not complain about the fact that I left my underwear where it shouldn’t be left. People like you who say “Mr Jones you deserve a pulpit” and throw lines like “uncle, let’s be intentional about what we want”. Your energy is infecting and affecting me even from half way across the world. People like who roll one and open yourself up to let your light shine through. It was Timo Cruz in Coach Carter who said that “as we let our light shine, we unconsciously let others shine” you all allow my light to shine in more ways than you can imagine and I hope I do too. I hope and pray that we continue to grow together in leaps and bounds. Continue to call me out on my BS the way you did when you didn’t like the idea of me getting a motorcycle. This is my small shout out to you!

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