I am Time

I am time, and time is me. I am the past, present and future. The past exists only because I have been there. The present is as is because I am here now, had I took a different turn in the past, here and now would not exist. The future is yet to take place because I am not there yet, I am still plotting and creating the present, building the vehicle that will make it easy for me to arrive at the future. Some would argue that the future can only be favourable if the present is well cared for. I completely agree with that. However I believe that time is merely a construct that we have made in order to dilute the essence of what I believe life is. I believe life is nothing more than a Soul having an experience,what that experience is, is up to the user. The user can choose whatever path they deem fit and in doing so they are actually creating. “Do you not know that you children, are gods?”. God is a creator and that means that we are also creators, creators of love, hate, peace, war, wealth, poverty, we are creators! Now I am not suggesting that “I” am time. What I’m putting across is that I am my own time, you are you own time, together you and I are have build a construct of 24 hours and 365.25 days to normalize the phenomenon of our times coinciding and overlapping with each other. Sharp turn coming through. What is meant to happen, always does. This means that technically the future does not exist, neither does the past. Only thing we have actual proof of is the present. Yes you took a photograph five years ago and you have it framed on your wall, but does it really exist? Or are you just seeing things? The picture could be a figment of your imagination, could be hallucinations? Alright I am just pulling your leg. The past did happen but still does not exist because time(you and I) has shifted from it. What the past is now, is nothing more than memories, lessons and experiences. This is not to say that it is insignificant but rather it has lead us to where we are now. The future has already happened as well but still does not exist, it is just waiting for time(you and I) to show up. The choices we make Now, the things we engage in Now, are actually us booking train ticket to the future. The future is forever changing because humans are beings of change. A wise man once said “that some people spend time dwelling on the past and contemplating the future that ultimately they end up living in neither”. The present is all we have, the future is not promised. So we ought to LIVE in the moment, in the present because that is where time is. “Do not worry about tomorrow because today has enough of its troubles”. So my fellow splits seconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years, let us LIVE in the moment and make it count, let us LIVE where we actually are, in the present! I am Time and time is Me.

This piece was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend. Shout out to he who is not to be named, you know yourself.

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