Why are we afraid of being naked?

Ever heard someone say “Never wear your heart on your sleeve”, or “Never make your intentions clear from the onset because you might get played”? How about “Fake it till you make it”? All this is to show that most of the time we are never fully ourselves, especially in our interactions with others. A guy takes a girl out on date, the whole time they are dancing to each other’s tune and putting on a facade, “I am smart, I am confident” they tell themselves. The bill comes and the guy has to be the one who settles it, even though deep down he wants split it. But for the life in him, he can’t get himself to ask: “may we please split the bill?” All because a gentleman must pay the bill? If he does confess that he is too broke to pay whole bill, he effectively ends his chances with the lady and run the risk of having a “broke reputation”. But no, we must never be naked and vulnerable, even if it drives us to depression. Always put on a smile even though you are breaking inside. Be a man! Someone once said that the reason that life begins at 40 is because at 40 you realize how much time you’ve wasted on buying faces. Maybe we ought to teach our kids to be genuine first with themselves and then with others. We are surrounded by friends who do not know the afflictions and addictions that we have because society dictates that you must put on a look that says you’ve got it all figured out. Even though no one on this earth has everything figured out. We ridicule those who have the courage to come forward and admit their flaws, all this because we are afraid of being naked. We are led by our egos and pride. But this pride has led directly to our fall countless times. We frown upon those who fail because it makes feel like we’ve made it, even if it is just for a moment. We cyber bully others under our false just numb the pain of having to face the reality that we are afraid of being naked. But when will the curtain fall down on this fake show we are putting on?

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