Does it have to be Right or Wrong?

Is it a crime if you do not get caught? Is it cheating if your wife never finds out? Is it wrong if no one is there to say otherwise? The idea that society functions well due to laws and rules being in place is okay on the surface, until you realize that all is a system that took years and years to perfect… And boy does it look perfect! The system was designed to keep trespassers in jail unless of course if you have deep pockets. I have often wondered if morality and ethics are just constructs that were designed to make sure that the “have nots” toe the line. I mean think about it… How many of us were raised with the notion that what goes around comes around? Don’t get me wrong, to this I still believe that no good deed goes unpunished, but that in a sense is a mental construct that kicks in every time I’m faced with decision to break the law or cheat on my nonexistent girlfriend. The other day, a traffic officer pulled me over for “not stopping at the stop sign”. Between me and you, I did stop, but I’m pretty sure that Ms officer wanted me to finance her need to quench her thirst with a cold drink. I am sure of this because she saying “I’m writing you down sir” four times, even though all I did ask her not to and all I did was just smile at what she was saying, four times! I could have paid her something and gotten away with breaking the law because no one was looking, is it a crime if you do not get caught? The other day I went out for a drink with one of my friends. The friend in question has a very stable relationship with his long term girlfriend, so stable that he is planning to ask for her hand in marriage soon. But on this night out my friend had one too many and ended up sleeping where he was not supposed to, I know I am a complicit accomplice in this matter, I am not perfect, but I ask, to the girlfriend, is it cheating if my dear friend never repeats this mistake again and never gets caught?

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