To the One that got away

Maybe my vocabulary failed me when it came to fully expressing my love for you. Maybe you were meant to be in my life for just a moment. I will forever cherish the time that we spent together, how much you inspired me to be a better version of myself without making any demands. Thank you for showing me that the present is always far much better than the past, the future even more so than the present only if I do my best now. I look at your Facebook feeds and I can’t help but wonder what if? I see you have a new man now and I’m not going to lie, it felt like a bittersweet pill. On one hand I wish you nothing but the best while at the same I wanted to be that “best”. I prayed the other day that if it is meant to be, let whatever brought us together bring us back together again in the future. However I will not put my life on hold for you because I accept that life must go on. Like Santiago I must go through the desert in pursuit of my treasure. If it happens that we do not meet again, then so be it!I am convinced that what is ahead is far much better than what’s behind. If it is not, then I will deal with it when I cross that bridge, but ultimately I understand that there is never an empty space unless I create one… and I’m officially filling yours. Thank you for teaching me that I must choose myself first and that I am enough, I may not be enough for everyone but I am definitely enough for myself. Above all else I must never try to convince people to stay in my life because I will be putting myself on the back foot. I understand now that this relationship thing only works if there is reciprocity, I must choose you and you must choose me back. Thank you for teaching me that all human beings are selfish and change their minds easily and as such are never to be fully trusted. Still to love is a choice and to be loved back is a privilege. I choose to love my next unreservedly. All things considered I hope you give the new guy all your love so that he may choke on it. No seriously it is pointless to love half heartedly, I mean afterall what is meant to be always prevails. If it is meant to be, you and him will be fruitful and prosperous and me being bitter about it will only be detrimental to me and me alone. I am writing this to be at peace, to finally let go. I need to let you go because the last lady I was with didn’t turn out so well. I am not entirely to blame for things not working out between me and her but I acknowledge that I was not fully in. So love the new guy with all your heart so that if he breaks it, he may smash it to pieces… on the flip side, if he understands and sees the value in you he must treat you accordingly. Ultimately, we are here to create memories and experiences, and I’m glad to have shared an experience with you. Thank you for teaching that I must never put anyone but myself on the pedestal. I wish you abundant love, peace, joy, money and loads of sex!!!

Love- The One you tossed away

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