Out of control

A friend asked me if I thought the world is going out of control, without thinking I responded by saying “No, the world is not going out of control, we are!”. This response took me by surprise. I pondered this for a moment and realized that the truth in this is had a deeper meaning to it. As a species, human beings are obsessed with control. Countries go to war over control of territories and natural minerals, companies spend billions in advertising in an effort to control what we buy, a husband beats up his wife to control how she behaves, friends manipulate each other in a bid to control each other’s decisions, society places expectations on its people in an effort to control how they lead their lives. All this insane obsession with control reflects more to it than meets the eye. Six months ago, in a bid to salvage what was left of the year, I promised myself to embark on a journey of self discipline and self control. The first few weeks went by alright, I was keeping my promises to myself. I did what I had to do when I was supposed do it. This went on consistently for two months and then out of the blue, I stopped! I reverted back to my old ways and engaged in old habits. The amount of consistent effort required to exercise self control is so much that it takes way more than two months to master… it takes a lifetime. The reason for this obsession over control that human beings have boils down to a simple fact that it is a mountain and a half for an individual to control their emotions, their urges, their bodies and essentially themselves. So we then turn our focus to control others in the hope that it will make us feel better about ourselves. However the truth of the matter is that we are only ever truly in control of what we do and not what others do. We can influence the decisions of others but that can go on for so long. In my blog post titled “The scars we carry”, I posed a challenge that each person must constantly ask themselves: are you who you would like to date? Who you would like to be friends with? Who you would like to be associated with? This was to highlight that if we all embark on a never ending journey of self control then we would truly find out that the world is not going out of control, but we are. Afterall we are the world. The world is out of control because we are out of touch with ourselves. In the friendships we have, in the romantic relationships we engage in, and in our interactions with each other, we must remember that we are only truly ever in control of ourselves, I cannot overstate this enough. We must live and let live, treat each other as we want to be treated, apply the golden rule in all our dealings. Then we would see that “the world is a beautiful place with all kinds of space”. Remember that eventually life completes a full circle and that whatever you give, “will be given back to you, a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and thrown onto your lap”

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