The universe is intentional

I am a firm believer in the workings of life and those of the universe. I believe that God created a perfect self sustaining system in the universe. Life is perfect and fair( Although the jury is still out on the latter, case in point slavery, racism, sexism, etc). Energy does not lie. Planets in their different solar systems, orbit their respective suns with intent, well its due to gravitational pulls, but that still counts as intent. When life begins and a new baby is born, it does so with intent, not by chance. I firmly believe that all that is meant to happen, eventually does. However this is not to say that we are passive participants of life. On the contrary, we are active participants of the workings of this life, therefore we ought to live each day with purposeful intent. When we wake up in the morning, we should do so intentionally. If it is your desire to stay in bed all day, do so with intent and not be led by circumstances. We should be purposeful in all that we do, and do it with intentionality. When we hate, we should so purposefully and intentionally, and see how far that gets us. When we love, the fire should burn in us so much that we do not hold back. We must do so, you guessed it, with intent. To quote Taylor Swift’s words: Haters gonna hate, players gonna play, fakers gonna fake and Heartbreakers gonna break. Whichever category you find yourself in, be in it fully or change it. All that matters is that we must not deny ourselves the opportunity to fully be immersed in life and have a holistic experience. We should do away with half-hearted efforts. If it is not working out, we should be bold and honest enough to say it out loud. Be fair to yourself and others, I mean so far as we know, we only have this life. We need to make it count. Be fully in it. Stuck in a 9-5 that you don’t enjoy while your peers are out there living their best lives? Quit or be fully diligent in that 9-5. Can’t afford to go to the Bahamas with your significant other? Then take a local tour and make the most out of it. Be intentional about it. At the end of the day, energy does not lie. You get what you put in! If you put in misery, you’ll get misery in return, “a good measure, shaken together and thrown into your lap”. Let us live life intentionally, each day as it comes. In all relationships that we have, we must deceive others with intent or be honest with them intentionally. We must build each other up intentionally or destroy each in the same manner. Again energy does not lie. Life eventually completes a full circle, and guess what? It does so not by chance or coincidence, but with intent.

Long Live Love!