I am Proud

I am a proud man. I do not need anyone nor do I need their help to draw air into my lungs. I am able to carry on by myself and am proud at the fact that I am a self-made man. You must respect me because I am proud, despite the fact that I show you little to no respect. Your feelings count for nothing because what matters most is my ego. Like any reasonable proud man, I expect you, the woman, to understand that I am a man who has a genetic urge to sow my wild oats. I will probably cheat on you more times than I care to remember, but you can take comfort in the fact that I will always come back home to you. I love you! If you ever cheat on me, I will go off the rails and beat you to the pulp to ensure that you do not think about cheating on me ever again. You are a woman and must be subservient to me because I am a man, nay, I am a proud man! I do regard your feelings sometimes but your opinion matters little. You have to understand that men are superior to women. I am the alpha in our relationship. I paid a hefty lobola price for you which in essence gives me the right to your being. As any good purchase, I need to get my money’s worth. I own you because I paid for you, even shouldered the costs of “our” wedding. Your sole purpose is to please me without question. You must ensure that food is always ready regardless of whether you had a hectic day at work or not, food must there when I demand it. You must make sure that you do not make angry, always walk on eggshells around me. You are to build your identity around me, because I am Mr Proud, you will be “Mrs Proud”. My pride will most likely get in the way of us making progress in our lives but that doesn’t matter because I will still get to keep my pride and my ego will be intact. I am always right because the purpose of any human relationship is to be right and the other person wrong. It doesn’t matter what “bright idea” you think you have, as long as it is not my idea, it will never succeed because I say so. I am proud! I am always the smartest and wisest person in the room because I am proud. I will never apologize when you feel I did you wrong because you are too soft and sensitive and have no regard for my pride, How dare you? I do not beg, ever! I will never humble myself to anyone because I am proud!

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