No pressure

“Constant evolution is imperative”, these are the four words that I strive to always live my life by. But what does it mean? To me, it is of the utmost importance to always be better than your former self, to evolve like Goku did in DragonBall. To love better today than you did yesterday, to give better today than you did yesterday, to live better today than you did yesterday. To constantly evolve into a better version of yourself! I remember having an argument with my mother about the definition of evolution, to her evolution only meant humans coming from apes and she didn’t really like that idea at all. However I think the idea of humans evolving from monkeys is also an apt description for “constant evolution”, when you look at from our perspective. Humans are better than apes in more ways than imaginable. We have created technology, became civilized and had the internet to create a unified virtual community. In my book that’s humans 100, apes 0, but that came at a cost! In today’s ever changing society, there is a lot of competition. Competition for the job, for the contract, for the girl, for the guy, competion to be the first to do this and that. Competition is good but in pursuit of being better than our competitors it is very easy to loose sight of who we are and what we stand for. I was having a conversation with a young lady about marriage. She relayed to me how she is ready for marriage and will definitely tie the knot with the next guy who gets down on his knees and asks for her hand in marriage. This lady in question is in her late 20s and in my opinion, she still has “time” on her side. I asked her why she feels she’s ready for marriage, and her response was that most of her peers are either married or getting married, and she feels that her time is slowly passing by. I could not help but reflect on how this need for marriage is driven, in some sense, by a spirit of competition. In competing with others I could not help but feel that she has placed herself in a position to accept whatever is given to her, if it means winning a non existent competition. We have been indoctrinated to strive for similar things in life. We have been taught to not be bested by others, but in truth the only competition that should matter is the one between you and the person in the mirror. The only true enemy, is the enemy within, the only true competitor, is the competitor within. The enemy without can only do so much to prevent you from getting to your destiny, and all attempts will be futile because your gift will always make room for you. Ultimate evolution is being master of the enemy within because you are only truly in control of yourself. The competition that arises from envy of others does not quench the thirst. I have found that I am very fulfilled when I overcome a challenge which I had previously convinced myself to be insurmountable. So in setting our life’s goals, let it not be out of pressure from our peers, but let it be out of the need to evolve into a better version of ourselves. When we help others, we ought not to do it for the optics and praise of others but to fulfill ourselves, let us not let our “left hand know what the right hand is doing” . When we give to the needy, let it not be out of compulsion but out of cheerful hearts because “God loves a cheerful giver”. Let us not fall into the trap of getting into relationships that do not make us happy but only serve as a momentary release of dopamine from getting a million likes on social media. Relationships that we remain in because of the image they sends out. Posting #couple goals whilst we are dying inside. Dying from the unnecessary pressure that we’ve created. If you’re happy, be happy and spread the love! If you’re not happy, do not fake it because I believe that is a sure path to depression. I’ve heard the phrase “fake it till you make it”,that should come with a disclaimer that faking it beyond a point of necessity might lead you to depression. We create this facade to convince people that we have our lives together, when in actual fact we feel like curling up into a ball and crying our lungs out. I believe the reason why mental depression is so prevalent today is that we are living up to what we think people’s expectations of us are, based on the facade that we have put up. Insta filters, getting loads of followers and #goals have us living a lie and building unnecessary pressure on ourselves and on others. Be real with yourself, don’t fake it until you die, no no no. Your Soul yearns for a genuine life experience and you know it! Live life according to the expectations you have created and not of others. Constantly evolve! Live like there is no tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised. Be inspired by others and not be jealous and envious of them. Be inspired to do better. Constant evolution is imperative!

Long Live Love!

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