Long Live Love???

You can’t deny the connection we have as human beings. It is unseen but very much tangible. I woke up this morning to the news that Kobe Bryant and his daughter had passed on, I didn’t know Kobe personally or even follow his career to a point of knowing how many points he’d scored for the Lakers. All I know is that he was a big deal in the NBA. However the news made me feel sad. Maybe it is because everyone is talking about it in a manner that it is sad or it could be something else but I couldn’t help but feel connected to the situation as if I had known the man personally. Seeing videos of him saying life is too short made the feeling even worse. We are all connected as human beings and we should cherish our “time” here together because it is all we have now. I often wonder if they architects and practitioners of slavery ever felt any remorse or guilt at practicing slavery. Even more so I wonder if people who deliberately hate other people on the basis of their race today ever feel this connection that we have as people. To hate the other is in essence to hate yourself. It is a mystery why we opt to hate what we do not understand as a people. It was Nelson Mandela who said that no one is born knowing how to hate, everyone is born with love but hate is taught. I wonder if this what we have reduced ourselves to as a people, to hate and ridicule what we do not understand, instead of taking time to understand before we seek to pass judgment. We all know what it feels like to be misunderstood but yet we are quick to judge before we go through the case. I suppose it is true that he who lives by the knife, shall die by the knife. I still refuse that this is all we can do as a people. It is even more conflicting to be a Christian and a person of colour in this age. Say what you will, but we are all connected. Without you I’d be lost and conversely the same is true for you. If it was not for the colonial voyagers, Africans would not know what it is to be poor and The Anglo Americans would not know what it is to be extremely wealthy. I came across a letter online that is supposedly written by king Leopold after his trips to Africa. He saw how much Africans were living and cherishing their connections as human beings and saw a threat, then wrote back to the queen reporting a serious threat. Now as people of colour we can bitter about the injustices of the past and the systematic ones of today or we can love each and the other races too whilst practicing Chika Onyeani’s “capital niggerism”. I think it was Malcom X who said that love for your own race does not necessarily mean hate for the other races. In South Africa today there’s what is called “preference for the previously disadvantaged” . What this means is that if you apply for a job or a bursary in some instutions, preference will be given to the previously disadvantage. The same can be apply by people of colour in evening out of the playing field without employing the same toxic techniques slavers did. We should love each other and not take for granted our interconnectedness that we share as people of different races. “Above love there is no greater law”. To quote Meghan Trainor, we should love like we gonna loose each other, like we are saying goodbye. The only true commodity that soothes the soul and the spirit is Love, “real genuine motherf##### Love”- J Cole. So we should let love and let love reign. Long live Love!

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